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Fixing the Roof

Are you in need of a new roof but do not want to break the bank? Look no further than Patriot Construction for the job! We specialize in affordable and long-lasting solutions for both homes and businesses. Whether you are looking for a traditional asphalt shingle roof or a modern metal option, we have you covered. Whatever material you would like, we can work with you to find the perfect fit for your property’s style and your budget. Plus, we offer free estimates and can connect you with financing options. Do not wait any longer! Contact us today for quality roof installation services in Dayton.  

Roof Installation


We understand that updating your roof is a big endeavor, but this kind of project has many great benefits. From adding to your property’s value to improving your energy efficiency, we have listed some of the biggest advantages of an upgrade. 

The benefits of installing a new roof include:

Added curb appeal and value.

We can install a roof that looks just as you envisioned. Not only that but should you go to sell your home or commercial location, a newer roof is going to help you get a higher price.

Enhanced energy efficiency.

Many newer roofing systems make it easier for your heating and cooling units to maintain a comfortable temperature. By lightening your HVAC system’s load, you can save money on your energy bills from month to month.

Better protection.

An old or faulty roof can leave you susceptible to water damage and other kinds of problems that could prove to be costly. Installing a new one is an investment that can save you money on repairs and keep your property safe.

Excellent warranties.

We offer an industry-leading warranty for our workmanship, and we can also help you choose roofing products that come with valuable manufacturer warranties.

Maintaining insurance coverage.

Certain insurance policies will not cover damage to older roofs. By updating yours, you can make sure you are covered should disaster strike.

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